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October 2010

RT @iversia: What if the remaining IE6 market share is composed completely of web designers still testing for IE6? http://bit.ly/cr19At

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{less} is more…. “the only thing easier is making fun of Internet Explorer” http://j.mp/ctd7Hv

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Would LOVE a dribbble invite. Anyone feeling generous? (and have an invite to give)

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RT @Jtsternberg: i think this: http://bit.ly/dbOsql has something to do with this: http://bit.ly/b4xkV9 Design MATTERS!

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This Safari/Chrome ext does wonders for your web dev workflow. Takes a little setup, but well worth it! http://bit.ly/9Vug3H DM me with ?’s.

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wow! this site is epic! is this for real?? check out their portfolio.. you won’t be disappointed. http://superior-web-solutions.com/

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“@alistapart: Please take a few moments to complete the 2010 A List Apart Survey for People who Make Websites: http://j.mp/6eXQJF Pls RT!”

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Win a copy of the Garage Band Theme from @upthemes. Retweet to win! http://bit.ly/cmikiO

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This app for osx is incredible! Checks for broken links site-wide. http://peacockmedia.co.uk/integrity/

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RT @glennansley: Creating labels for my Deceased People post type: “No deceased people found in trash” / cc @petemall @dimensionmedia // ha!

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