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August 2010

“@Jtsternberg: These codes have awesome interactive world possibilities!

5:39pm Aug 29th 2010 view on twitter

FREEBIE! VECTOR IPHONE 4 http://bit.ly/bVvenB

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“@mediamarty: Where Apple gets design inspiration. http://tinyurl.com/AppleInspiration”

8:18pm Aug 22nd 2010 view on twitter

What’s more important in site design? information architecture/usability or aesthetic design?

6:27pm Aug 20th 2010 view on twitter

@jimmygle in need of a logo design? Would love to hear more!

9:38pm Aug 16th 2010 view on twitter

.@williamsba can’t find “get code” option for your “custom post types ui” that’s in your slideshare from #WCRaleigh am i missing something?

12:13am Aug 13th 2010 view on twitter

this will make your life happier… trust me! http://bit.ly/d9JjVK

7:23pm Aug 12th 2010 view on twitter

Twitter Launching Official Tweet Buttons This Week [EXCLUSIVE] http://mashable.com/2010/08/10/twitter-official-share-buttons/

2:03am Aug 12th 2010 view on twitter

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